All the activities in one place

Scroll down for all kinds of ideas that will brighten up your child’s day. You’ll find loads of easy, everyday ways to improve their reading, writing and counting.

Making a meal

The kitchen can be an exciting place for children.

On the bus

Keep your child occupied on the bus and improve their writing at the same time with the activities below.

Around the house

Kids love helping out with little jobs around the house.

Feel the love

Show your child how the world works using storybook characters or finger puppets. Activities like this will help them understand emotions and improve their reading and writing. Not only that but they’ll help your child talk about their own thoughts and feelings.

Imagination games

Your child has a fantastic imagination. You’ll learn loads about what goes on in their mind by doing simple activities like these.

Deal or no deal

Kids love grown-up things too! Playing shops, easy card games and learning about how bank cards work will fascinate your child. Games like these help teach children about real life and they’re fun too!

Switch up storytime

Books are a great way to explain how the world works. They make it easier for children to understand more about people’s feelings and emotions.

Magic messages

Writing helps children learn about themselves and the world around them. Not only are these activities good writing practice – they’re good fun too!

Party time

Life’s a party when numbers come easy. Real life practice will make learning more relevant and useful to your child – and it’ll be handy for them in later life too! Try these estimation and rounding activities to get you started.

Time’s ticking

Learning to tell the time is a skill your child will use for life. Help them practise and get better at time-keeping with these fun games and activities.

Good mood food

Counting together will help your child in more ways than you can imagine. Take it into the kitchen and they’ll become a master chef and a master mathematician too!

Roll the dice

Help your child practise counting with simple activities and games. The more you play together at home, the more confident they’ll be in the classroom and in later life. After all, games don’t feel like learning – they just feel like a whole load of fun!

Digit dash

Counting is used in lots of jobs – think hairdressers, construction workers, computing engineers, architects, scientists, and chemists. Help your child understand the world around them by counting together.

Chat through stories

Your child will love you reading with them. Try asking questions as you read a story together – it’ll help them learn new words and understand the story better.

Pick a number

Getting to grips with numbers is a really important life skill. Help your child practise at home with easy, everyday activities like these.

Family fun

It’s important to help your child develop writing skills. You’ll make them feel more confident by playing fun writing games like these.

Try some rhyme time

Help your child get the most from reading. Talking about words that rhyme will help them learn about new words and sounds.

Games for two

Your child would love a little counting practice with you. They’ll learn loads just from talking to you and playing games like these. The more counting games you play, the better they’ll get at maths – it’s as simple as that!

Down the park

Count your way to the park with these ideas.

Playing at the pool

Heading to the pool? It’s a great way to help your child practice counting.

Counting down to a big event

We all get excited when we’ve got something to look forward to.

Getting ready for bed

We all know that getting kids to bed on time can be challenging.

Chilling with a magazine

Reading a magazine never feels like a chore.

At dinnertime

We know that it’s not easy to get them involved in the cooking every day.

After a day out

Getting out the house for the afternoon is a great way to let them blow off some steam.

Making a birthday card

Birthday cards can be pretty expensive.

Sharing a book

Sharing a book is the best way to take some chill-out time during a hectic day.

Getting a letter through the door

‘Postie’s been!’ Even everyday things like flyers and letter can improve your child’s reading.

Free trip to the library

Got a spare afternoon? Your child would love a trip to the library.

At the shops

Doing the food shopping doesn’t have to be a chore.

Walking to school

Having a chat on the way to school is a great way to help your child get ahead in the classroom.

On your phone

Sending messages to pals and family members is something we all do everyday.

Playing ball games

It’s the little things you do together every day that make a difference.