Your child’s activity bag

Over the next few months, families with children in P1-3 will get a free activity bag. P1s get a Bookbug bag while P2s and P3s get a Read, Write, Count bag.

5 reasons to use the activity bag:


Parents and carers need support too.

You’re the most important person in your child’s life and that’s why the activity bag has been designed to help you, help them. It contains books, games, and writing materials as well as a guide to reading, writing and counting at home together.


It can help kids build essential life skills.

When mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grannies, uncles (you get the idea) help a child practise reading, writing and counting at home the child does better now, and in later life. That’s where all the games and activities from the activity bag come in.


There are endless ways to use it – your child will never get bored.

As well as the activities in the guide, you’ll find ways to use the bag on the Read, Write, Count website as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also find more info on the Bookbug P1 bag from the Scottish Book Trust.


Your child is counting on you.

Every child needs to practise reading, writing and counting with their family at home. This way, they’ll have more confidence in the classroom and in later life. Your child is counting on you to help them.


It’s free and a lot of fun!

The bag is free – and so are the activities and games inside! Reading, writing and counting at home doesn’t need to feel like extra homework. At the end of the day, it’s all about spending quality time together and giving your child the skills they need for a great start in life.

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