Getting out the house for the afternoon is a great way to let children blow off some steam. Saying that, it can also be a great way to improve your child’s writing. Even a quick trip to the park would be great for the activities below.

  • Draw a picture
  • Write about it
  • Make a story

Encourage your child to draw a picture

How to: Have a chat about your day out and ask your child to draw a picture of their favourite part. If they feel confident, help your child label parts of the picture e.g. swings, sunshine, grass.

Ask your child to write a couple of sentences

How to: Encourage your child to write a couple of short sentences about your day together. Start them off with some sentences to finish e.g. ‘The weather was…’ ‘Lunch was a…’ ‘The best part of the day was…’

Get your child to write a made-up story

How to: Talk about your day out together. Ask your child to imagine what your day out would have been like if it was on Mars, or if a dragon had come along. Encourage them to use their imagination and write down their own story.

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Don't forget about the everyday Count ideas.

Handy tips


Visit the library to borrow new books whenever you can


Give your child objects with numbers to play with (e.g. measuring tapes and rulers)


Make up funny sentences with a new word your child has learned