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After a day out

Getting out the house for the afternoon is a way to let children blow off some steam if they’re getting a bit stir crazy. It’s also a clever way to help them with their writing skills. Even a quick trip to the park is great for the activities below.

Draw a picture

Have a chat about your day out, and ask your child to draw a picture of their favourite part. If they feel confident, with your help they could label parts of the picture - such as swings, sunshine or grass.

Write about it

Even a couple of sentences can make a difference, so why not encourage your child to write about your day together? To help them, you could start off some sentences they can finish. - Why not try these - ˜The weather was…˜ Lunch was … ˜ The best part of the day was…”

Make a story

Talking about your day out together could lead on to asking your child to imagine what your day out might have been like if it was on Mars, or if a dragon had come along. Encourage them to use their imagination and write down their own story.

Hang on! Try my amazing Read ideas.

Don't forget about the everyday Count ideas.

Handy tips

Seasonal: Make a gift list for Christmas/the holidays – what’s on your list? What do you need to get for your friends and family?

Choose a letter of the alphabet, then ask your child to write down a food, an animal, a name, and a place that begins with this letter.

Kids love to talk about their favourite characters from their tv shows or cartoons they like. You could get them to write about them, too. Ask your child to say why they like that character? Are they funny, clever, do they have special powers?