Kids love helping out with little jobs around the house – and they love being asked questions and challenged to do things. Try these activities when you’re at home together. You’ll be amazed at how much you can help with their counting.

  • Sock matching
  • On the telly
  • Measure it

Ask them to put the socks in pairs

How to: After you’ve done the laundry, ask your child to help you match the socks in pairs. Then get your child to sort them into piles of who they belong to. When they're done, ask them how many pairs belong to each person.

Read out the numbers when you change the channel

How to: Ask your child to read out the numbers when you’re changing the channel. Talk about how long a TV programme lasts and how long is it until your favourite show.

Measure out ingredients in the kitchen

How to: Get your child to help you measure ingredients when you’re making a meal or a snack. Use measuring words like grams, pints, cup-of and tablespoon-of and half-full. Then ask your child to set the egg timer for the cooking part.

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Handy tips


Look for and talk about shapes and patterns indoors and outdoors


Talk to your child about their friends


Be patient when your child is learning to read