We know that it’s not easy to get children involved in the cooking every day. Sometimes you’re in a rush – or they’re off doing other things. But it’s the time you set aside to do activities like these that will add a little extra something to every day.

  • Make the letter
  • Write a recipe
  • Write place names

Get your child to make the letter ‘A’ at dinnertime

How to: Encourage your child to make a letter with the food on their plate e.g. use the carrots to make the letter ‘A’. If you can get it, alphabetti spaghetti would be great for this activity.

Ask your child to write a recipe

How to: Talk about your child’s favourite dinner. Get them to write out a recipe or some instructions for how to make it. If it’s a complicated recipe – get them to copy it from a book or from a recipe online. The next time you make their favourite dinner, follow your child’s recipe together.

Encourage your child to make place names for the family

How to: Fold a sheet of paper in half length-ways then get your child to write place names for everybody who’s eating dinner. Ask them to use colours and decorations that they think each person would like.

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Handy tips


Carry pens and paper to use on the go


Make a quiet place in the house to learn together


Ask them what game they enjoyed playing at break-time