Doing the food shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. With these ideas you can improve your child’s reading, keep them occupied, and get your groceries done all at the same time – sorted!

  • Find the items
  • Read the packets
  • Read the signs

Look for the items you need together

How to: Tell your child what you’re looking for. When you find the item, read the name and check the price together. Then explain why you’ve decided to buy the item.

Spot items that begin with the same sounds

How to: Point out a food packet and help your child read the label. Ask your child to sound out the first letter and then look for other items that begin with the same letter e.g. milk, margarine, and marmalade.

Read the signs above the aisles

How to: Tell your child what item you’re looking for and then ask them to read the signs above the aisles to work out where to look. Once you’ve got the right aisle, get your child to find the item and check how much it costs.

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Handy tips


Quality time at home will make your child a better learner at school


Give your child plenty of encouragement when they are learning new things


Ask them what game they enjoyed playing at break-time