Reading a magazine never feels like a chore. Kids love looking at them too – flipping through the pages, skipping past the ‘boring bits’ and finding pictures they like. Try these activities with any old newspapers, flyers or magazines you’ve got lying around the house.

  • Cut out letters
  • Make new words
  • Describe a picture

Look for letters and cut them out

How to: Look for letters in a magazine or newspaper. Sound out each letter as you cut it out. Try to find all letters that make up your child’s name.

Cut out letters and make new words

How to: Look for letters in a magazine or newspaper and cut them out together. Sound them out and encourage your child to make new words with them. Ask them to spell simple words to start with e.g. 'cat', 'bus' and 'red'.

Write about a picture from a magazine

How to: Choose a picture in a book, magazine or newspaper together. Ask your child to write a couple of sentences to describe what’s happening in the picture. Get them to use as many description words as possible e.g. big, colourful, funny or beautiful.

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Handy tips


Ask them what game they enjoyed playing at break-time


Give your child objects with numbers to play with (e.g. measuring tapes and rulers)


Talk with your child about what they learned at school today