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Deputy First Minister’s Summer Maths Challenge

If you’re looking for a fun activity for you and your child this summer break, why not give the Deputy First Minister’s Summer Maths Challenge a go?

This summer’s challenge is inspired by the European Championships being held in Glasgow this August, so take the challenge and get in the spirit of the games!

Solutions and workings will be published on Friday 27 July here:

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Deputy First Minister’s Easter Holiday Maths Challenge

If you are looking for fun activities to keep you and your child entertained this Easter break, why not try the Deputy First Minister’s Holiday Maths Challenge?

Hard copies of the Maths Challenge are being handed out to all P6 pupils in time for Easter, and hard copies will also be available at local libraries. Workings and solutions here:

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Christmas Holiday 2017 – Deputy First Minister’s Maths Challenge

Fun, festive activities to keep your child busy over the holidays!

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Top 10 kids’ counting books

Counting is easy with these fab books. Check them out for free at your local library!

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Counting your way to school

This handy guide shows you all the ways you can count your way to school.

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Top 10 kids’ wintery picture books

Here’s a list of the top 10 wintery picture books for kids recommended by the Scottish Book Trust.

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The 10 best wintery books for new readers

Take this ‘best books’ list to the library and you’ll soon find books that your child will love.

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Library Activity Sheet

Take your sheet along to your local library and answer as many questions as you can about the library and your favourite books.

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