We all get excited when we’ve got something to look forward to. Get your child involved with planning an upcoming birthday or play date. This way they’ll get to be part of the excitement and have the chance to practise their counting.

  • Save the date
  • Countdown together
  • Plan an event

Mark the date and time of an event on the calendar

How to: Choose a date – whether it’s a birthday, the school holidays or even a play date and mark it on your calendar together. Ask your child to find the right day and month with your help.

Countdown the days to an event

How to: Mark a special event on the calendar together. Ask your child to count on the calendar how many weeks or days it is until the event.

Plan an upcoming event together

How to: Plan a special event together according to the hours in the day e.g. at 10am the guests will arrive… Talk about how long each activity will take – lunch is 30 minutes, games are 20 minutes. When you’re done, encourage your child to write down your plan.

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Handy tips


Talk about the size, shape, colour, texture and material of things


Ask them what game they enjoyed playing at break-time


Visit the library to borrow new books whenever you can