Kids love grown-up things too! Playing shops, easy card games and learning about how bank cards work will fascinate your child. Games like these help teach children about real life and they’re fun too!

  • Play shops
  • Snap
  • Design a bank card
Help your child gather a selection of tins from the kitchen. Decide whether each can is worth 10p, 20p or £1 in pretend money. Make your own paper coins together (10p, 20p and £1). Next, decide who is going to be the shopkeeper and who is going to be the customer. Take it in turns to buy shopping using the money you made.
Sometimes the best games are the simplest to do. Fill an afternoon with a pack of cards and a game of Snap together. Start by asking your child to find the Joker card and help them shuffle the pack. Explain that you can shout 'Snap!' if two cards have the same number or are the same suit (e.g. You can shout 'Snap' if both cards are red OR if both cards are spades).
Explain what a bank card is and what you use it for (e.g. paying for food at the shops). Help your child draw around your bank card onto a piece of paper. Let them design their own bank card - make sure they include their name and their own fake bank account number. Then help them cut it out and let them create a signature on the back!

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Handy tips


Tell the time together throughout the day


Let your child talk about the pictures as you are reading


Give your child plenty of encouragement when they are learning new things