Counting is used in lots of jobs – think hairdressers, construction workers, computing engineers, architects, scientists, and chemists. Help your child understand the world around them by counting together.

  • Counting outside
  • Count up and down
  • Play Sum Story
When you're out and about ask 'what number is this?' in the zero-100 range. Think door numbers, buses, price tags and big clocks. To help them even more, ask 'what number comes before?' and 'what number comes after?'.
Encourage your child to spot numbers when you're going about daily life to build on their number skills. When they see a number (e.g. on the page of a book or on a food packet) ask them to say the next three numbers and the three numbers that come before.
Look for numbers between zero-100 around the house (e.g. on the clock, the radiator dial and in the post that comes through your letterbox). Use these numbers to play Sum Story with your child. All you need to do is write a sum story (e.g. 3 + ? = 12) and help them work out the gaps.

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Handy tips


Look for opportunities to talk about different sizes (e.g. more than, less than, bigger, smaller)


Make time to snuggle up and share a story whenever you can


Ask them to tell you about what they did in the morning at school