It’s important to help your child develop writing skills. You’ll make them feel more confident by playing fun writing games like these.

  • Whiteboard and pen
  • Finger puppets
  • Drawing book and pencils
Choose someone in your family to draw. Show your child how to use the pen and give them plenty of time to do their drawing. When they've finished, help them to write that family member's name underneath.
Choose your favourite puppet together and pretend it's your new family pet. Talk about your pet - What's its name? What colour is it? What does it eat? Does it talk? If it does then what does it say? Help your child to write down a sentence that describes your pet and challenge them to think of adjectives ('describing words').
Help your child draw their close friends or family. Encourage them to think about what each person looks like and the clothes they usually wear. Then help them label each person when they're finished.

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Handy tips


Give your child objects with numbers to play with (e.g. measuring tapes and rulers)


Make time to snuggle up and share a story whenever you can


Keep old envelopes and flyers to write on