Help for parents with a child in Gaelic Medium Education

If your child is in Gaelic Medium Education, you can help with their learning – even if you don’t speak the language yourself.

10 ways to read, write and count in Gaelic together:


Put Gaelic labels on things in the house and read them together. Make this into a game – can your child put the right labels on the objects?


Play board games using Gaelic words and phrases wherever you can.


Play games like ‘I spy’, in Gaelic it’s ‘Chi mise le mo shùil bheag’.


Go to the Read Aloud section of the Gaelic4parents website to find all the books that feature in the P1 Bookbug bag and P2 and P3 Read, Write, Count bags. Then click on a book title, play one of the audio recordings and ask your child to find the phrase in your copy of the book.


Encourage your child to teach you a new Gaelic word each day. Write down the new words with your child. Play some games with your child such as, who can write the most number of Gaelic words correctly in 30 seconds?


Watch Gaelic cartoons together and encourage them to write a sentence or draw a picture about what happened afterwards.


Do you know any Gaelic speaking shopkeepers? Help your child write a shopping list in Gaelic and then encourage them to ask the shopkeeper for the items.


Play ‘silly sums’ with your child in Gaelic. Sequence numbers in the wrong order, add up or take away incorrectly. Encourage your child to tell you the right answer.


Encourage Gaelic conversations with friends out of the house e.g. Gaelic walks with other Gaelic speaking families.


Visit the Gaelic section on this website and have a shot at the activities together.