‘Postie’s been!’ Even everyday things like flyers and letters can improve your child’s reading. It’s always the simplest ideas that are the most worthwhile. Have a go at these activities with your child.

  • Read the name
  • Read the letter
  • Write a reply

Sound out the name on the envelope

How to: Explain how letters get to your house – talk about the name, address and postcode, e.g. the postman uses this information to work out where to deliver the letter. Then sound out the letters and read the name on the envelope together.

Read a letter that’s come in the post

How to: Pick a random letter or leaflet that has come through the door. Point out words and sound them out together. Next read the letter and talk about what it means.

Write a reply to a letter or email

How to: Read a letter or email together then talk about what it means. Get your child to write a response to the letter and read it over together.

Hey! There are loads of fun ways to Write too.

Don't forget about the everyday Count ideas.

Handy tips


Ask them to tell you about what they did in the morning at school


Find opportunities for equal sharing (e.g. 3 grapes each)


Talk with your child about what they learned at school today