We all know that getting kids to bed on time can be challenging. Activities like these will help make your bedtime routine easier and more enjoyable. Not only that, they’ll also help your child with numbers.

  • Count footsteps
  • Tell the time
  • Use a timer

Count footsteps or stairs on the way to bed

How to: Encourage your child to practise counting on the way to bed with different types of numbers e.g. One night you could try ‘1, 2, 3...’ and the next night you could try ‘first, second, third…’ When they get really confident, start counting backwards from a hundred.

Talk about what time you’re going to get up

How to: Help your child read the time before bed. Talk about what time you are going to get up and work out how many hours sleep you can have. Use a clock face or your fingers to help you count the hours together.

Time two minutes of teeth brushing

How to: Bring your phone or an egg timer to tooth-brushing time. Encourage your child to set the timer for two minutes before they start brushing their teeth. Get them to brush their top teeth for 30 seconds, then their bottom teeth for 30 seconds and then repeat.

Hang on! Try my amazing Read ideas.

Hey! There are loads of fun ways to Write too.

Handy tips


Ask them to tell you about what they did in the morning at school


Visit the library to borrow new books whenever you can


Keep old envelopes and flyers to write on