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Getting ready for bed

We all know that getting kids to bed on time can be challenging to put it lightly. Quick counting activities like these will help make your bedtime routine easier and more enjoyable for both of you.

Countdown to bedtime

Stairs provide an easy way to count on the way to bed, and you could try different types of numbers to get them thinking - for example, one night try ‘1, 2, 3...’ and the next night try ‘first, second, third…’ When they get really confident, start counting backwards from 10.


Before bed, help your child read the time and talk about when you’re going to get up. You could help your little sleepyhead work out how many hours sleep they’ll have before they need to rise and shine. You could use a clock face or your fingers to help you count the hours together.

Two minutes of teeth brushing

Just bring your phone or an egg timer to tooth-brushing time. Encourage your child to set the timer for two minutes before they start brushing their teeth. Then get them to brush their top teeth for 30 seconds, then their bottom teeth for 30 seconds - and then repeat. Job done.

Hang on! Try my amazing Read ideas.

Hey! There are loads of fun ways to Write too.

Handy tips

Get your kids to help a ‘book buddy’ to read. Buddies can be a younger sister or brother, or even a favourite soft toy. Letting your child help their book buddy to read will keep them occupied, and help them with their own reading.

Ask your child to write about a castle they would build for a King or Queen. They could think about how many rooms it would have, what might be in the rooms, and what they’d be used for.

If you come across a new word while you’re reading a story, try making up funny sentences with the new word.