Counting together will help your child in more ways than you can imagine. Take it into the kitchen and they’ll become a master chef and a master mathematician too!

  • Making lunch
  • Spaghetti sorting
  • Deal hunters
Invite your child to help make their lunch at the weekend. If you're making a sandwich together ask them to find two pieces of bread, add the filling and put the two sides together. Help them practise fractions by encouraging them to cut the sandwich in half and then into quarters.
Encourage your child to help you cook dinner. Give them small tasks e.g. Put half of that spaghetti in the pot and add a quarter of that tomato sauce. When the cooking is finished, help your child dish up however many portions you need e.g. If there are three people in your family ask them to split it into thirds.
Show your child how to become a smart shopper by asking them to help you find the best deals in the weekly shop. As you go around the aisles, talk to them about different deals (e.g. half price and 3 for 2) and encourage them to pick the item that's the best value for money. This way they'll practise counting skills as well as getting to know how the world works.

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Handy tips


Talk about the size, shape, colour, texture and material of things


Make up funny sentences with a new word your child has learned


Involve your child in everyday chores (e.g. sorting laundry or setting the table)