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Good mood food

Combining numbers with food keeps little minds busy – you’ll get a little extra help in the kitchen too.

Deal hunters

Show your child how to become a smart shopper by asking them to help you find the best deals in the weekly shop. As you go around the aisles, talk to them about different deals (e.g. half price and 3 for 2) and encourage them to pick the item that's the best value for money.    

A family get together

If you’re having a family get together, your child will love to get involved helping you plan how much food, juice or seats you'll need. And you could create a checklist with your children - How many people are coming? How many sandwiches do you need to make? How many cups do you need for the children? Roughly what time shall we ask them to arrive? You might have a family organiser in the making.

Weekend treats

Kids and cakes - need we say any more? Helping you bake a tasty treat will be great fun for your child, and they’ll be counting without even realising it. You could search online for an easy recipe - a Victoria Sponge would be perfect - and then go shopping together for the ingredients. While they’re helping you find you need, you can ask 'How much flour do we need? Do we need a big or small bag of flour?' And when you've finished baking, you can help your child cut your cake into halves, quarters, fifths or sixths. Then tuck in.

Hang on! Try my amazing Read ideas.

Hey! There are loads of fun ways to Write too.

Handy tips

Pick somewhere your child goes to a lot – like their school, or the park, or a shop – and ask them to write down directions for how to get there from your home.

Read a book together and play I-Spy with the pictures – can your child find something in the book beginning with say P? Or D? You could try lots of other letters, too.

Plan your next party – write out a list of who to invite, and make your own invitations