Your child has a fantastic imagination. You’ll learn loads about what goes on in their mind by doing simple activities like these.

  • Future Scotland
  • Amazing inventions
  • Spaceman shopping list
Ask your child about what they imagine Scotland will be like in 1,000 years. Will there be flying cars? What about robots? How will people get to school? Encourage them to use their imagination - anything goes! Then help them draw a picture of something you've talked about.
Ask: 'What does an inventor do?' If they're not sure talk about people like Willy Wonka and Steve Jobs (the guy who invented Apple computers) and explain that an inventor creates new things that people have never seen before. Then ask your child to invent something - help them write a sentence or two to describe it.
Ask: 'What does a spaceman do?' Talk to your child about space and about the men and women that explore space. You could even visit YouTube and watch some footage or Tim Peake. Ask: 'What would you take into space?' Then help your child to write down five items they would take into space with them.

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Handy tips


Be patient when your child is learning to read


Make a quiet place in the house to learn together


Draw your child’s attention to signs and posters when you are out and about