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Imagination games

Kids have amazing imaginations. You can find out so much about what’s going on in your child’s mind by doing simple activities together – like these.

Secret agents

Children can put their imagination to just about anything, and they’ll enjoy pretending a shopping list or even a simple reminder note is a top secret document. They’ll soon be feeling like real secret agents if you create a password together, or look up a recipe for invisible ink pens to create your mystery messages.

Amazing inventions

Asking your child a question like 'What does an inventor do?' can be an interesting way to get them thinking. If they're not sure, you could talk about characters in books and films - like Willy Wonka - and real people, like Steve Jobs (the guy who invented Apple iPads and iPhones). You could explain that an inventor creates new things that people have never seen before. Your child could even try inventing something, and with your help write a sentence or two to describe it.

Spaceman shopping list

'What does a spaceman do?' Lots of kids are fascinated by space, and the idea of walking on the moon. You could take a chat about space travel even further, and watch some YouTube videos together, or interviews with astronaut Tim Peake. A question like 'What would you take into space?' could inspire some fun replies. And you could help your child to write down five items they would take into space with them.

Hang on! Try my amazing Read ideas.

Don't forget about the everyday Count ideas.

Handy tips

Making crayon rubbings of coins is a great way to help your child find out about the numbers on coins, and the different sizes of each coin.

Pick somewhere your child goes to a lot – like their school, or the park, or a shop – and ask them to write down directions for how to get there from your home.

Create a tally chart, for example to find out the family’s favourite animal or fruit or TV show. You could also do it the other way round, and find out which vegetable or type of music is their least favourite!