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Making a greetings card

Cards can be pretty expensive. The good news is, they’re also pretty fun for kids to make, and friends and family members will love getting them. Card-making also helps with writing, so it’s win-win-win. We’ve got some ideas to help you get started.

Design a greetings card

You can make a card by folding a piece of paper in two. Then, talk about who the card is for, and what the occasion is - a birthday, an anniversary or just to say hello. You could help your child think of a picture for the front that they think the person would like - and then let the crayons and coloured pens loose.

Write a greeting

After you’ve explained who the card is for, and talked about the occasion you can help your child to sign their name, add some kisses and write a specific greeting - like Happy Birthday.

Send a message

When you’re talking about the occasion, you can encourage your child to decide what their message might be. You could sit together while they write, and help them spell any tricky words.

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Handy tips

Even mealtimes can turn into storytimes. Ask your child to create a story about the Cutlery family – with characters like Peggy Plate, Jamie Knife, Fiona Fork and Baby Spoon.

Making crayon rubbings of coins is a great way to help your child find out about the numbers on coins, and the different sizes of each coin.

Ask them to write a story about the insect they saw. What’s their name? How big is their family? Where are they going? Do they have any superpowers?