The kitchen can be an exciting place for children. So when it comes to making a meal, why not get them involved? Try the activities below to build your child’s confidence and help them do better at school. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • Look at the labels
  • Find the food
  • Read a recipe

Read the food labels and sound out the letters together

How to: Pick out packets or tins of food. Sound out the letters of each word and then blend them together to make up the word e.g. ‘pa’ ‘s’ ‘ta’– ‘Pasta’!

Ask your child what food starts with the letter ‘b’

How to: Open the fridge or cupboard and choose a letter. Say, for example, you choose the letter ‘b’ – ask your child to find all the words that start with that letter… beans, broccoli, bacon, baked potatoes.

Get ready for cooking together

How to: Find a recipe either online or in a book. Go for something simple like pancakes or a healthy flapjack. Encourage your child to read out the recipe and find the ingredients in the kitchen.

Hey! There are loads of fun ways to Write too.

Don't forget about the everyday Count ideas.

Handy tips


Involve your child in everyday chores (e.g. sorting laundry or setting the table)


Praise and encourage your children regularly


Talk about how long everyday events take (e.g. cooking times, journey times)