Keep your child occupied on the bus and improve their writing at the same time with the activities below. Twenty minutes now and again is all it takes to build their confidence and help them do better at school.

  • Write a list
  • Use your finger
  • Write your name

Write a shopping list together

How to: Talk about the meals you’re making and the ingredients you need. Also talk about other items you might need such as cleaning products, toilet roll, milk and butter. Make a list of things you need together.

Write words like ‘bus’ in the air with your finger

How to: Use your ‘magic’ finger to write words in the air. Start with short, three-letter words to get going e.g. 'cat', 'bus' and 'red'.

Write your name in the steamed-up windows

How to: Get your child to write their name on the windows when they’ve steamed up. If they’re confident, ask them to write ‘hello’ backwards so that people on the streets can see it.

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Handy tips


Visit the library to borrow new books whenever you can


Talk about words that are the same, but have different meanings (e.g. traffic jam and strawberry jam)


Praise and encourage your children regularly