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On the bus

Waiting for your stop on the bus or the train can be a bit of a drag, and kids can get restless. Read on for some activities that will keep your child occupied and help them write at the same time.

Write a list

How about writing a shopping list together? You could talk about the meals you’re making, and together list all the ingredients you need. Then maybe include things like cleaning products, toilet roll, milk and butter.

Use your finger

Use your ‘magic’ finger to write words in the air and ask each other to guess what the other person is writing. Get the fun started with short, three-letter words - like 'cat', 'bus' and 'red'.

Write your name

Steamed-up windows are perfect place to write your name. Get your child to write their name on the windows when they’ve steamed up. If they’re confident, ask them to write ‘hello’ backwards so that people on the streets can see it.

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Don't forget about the everyday Count ideas.

Handy tips

Lots of kids are fascinated by space, and the idea of walking on the moon. You could take a chat about space travel even further, and watch some YouTube videos together, or interviews with astronaut Tim Peake. A question like ‘What would you take into space?’ could inspire some fun replies! And you could help your child to write down five items they would take into space with them.

Plan your next party – write out a list of who to invite, and make your own invitations

Play ‘guess what happens next’ when reading stories together. Kids have a great imagination, and it’s amazing what they can think up!