Sending messages to pals and family members is something we all do everyday. Get your child involved with writing and sending messages and you’ll soon see their writing improve.

  • Spell their name
  • Write a message
  • Send a message

Get your child to spell out their name to sign off a message

How to: Explain how a text message works. Talk about the person you’re messaging and tell your child what you’re going to say. When you’re sending the text message, get your child to sign it off by spelling out their name.

Write a text message together

How to: Decide who you’re going to text and talk about what you’re going to say. Ask your child to write the text message (or get them to tell you what to write).

Encourage your child to write and send a message

How to: Decide who you’re going to text. Encourage them to write their own text message and send it. Get them to read the reply when it comes in.

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Handy tips


Draw your child’s attention to signs and posters when you are out and about


Be patient when your child is learning to read


Talk about words that are the same, but have different meanings (e.g. traffic jam and strawberry jam)