Getting to grips with numbers is a really important life skill. Help your child practise at home with easy, everyday activities like these.

  • Number magnets
  • Dice
  • Number cards
Ask your child to help you stick the magnetic numbers on the fridge or other metal surface. Get them to make a number using the magnets which are between Zero-100. Help them work out the next three numbers and the three numbers that come before.
Ask your child to roll the dice and ask them to count on from that number adding 10 each time (e.g. 3, 13, 23, 33, 43, etc). After they've counted on a few times, give them a hand counting back (e.g. 43, 33, 23, 13, 3).
Help your child sort through the number cards and put all the cards with numbers in a pile. Tell your child to close their eyes and pick a number and ask: 'Can you halve it?' and 'Can you double it?' What about: 'Can you find ¼ of it?' In a fraction of time they'll understand fractions.

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Handy tips


Visit the library to borrow new books whenever you can


Talk to your child about their friends


Ask them what game they enjoyed playing at break-time