Heading to the pool? Playing games, floating around and practising kicks together is a great way to spend an afternoon. It’s also a great way to help your child practise counting.

  • Count the kicks
  • Tell the time
  • Count the coins

Hold onto the edge and count your kicks

How to: Get your child to hold onto the edge of the pool. Encourage your child to practise their kicks and get them to count them as they go.

Tell the time on the big clock

How to: Point out the big clock at the swimming pool. Ask your child to tell the time. If there are people swimming – pick somebody and use the clock to time how long he or she takes to swim a length.

Count the coins to pay

How to: Get your child to help count out the coins to pay for entry to the swimming pool. Encourage your child to work out how much change they’re getting if they hand over a note.

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Handy tips


Measure your child’s height and keep a record together


Talk about how long everyday events take (e.g. cooking times, journey times)


Give your child plenty of encouragement when they are learning new things