Help your child practise counting with simple activities and games. The more you play together at home, the more confident they’ll be in the classroom and in later life. After all, games don’t feel like learning – they just feel like a whole load of fun!

  • Dice bingo
  • Double or quits
  • Make it to a hundred
Make a grid with six boxes and fill it in with random numbers between 2 and 12. Show your child how to make a grid and help them choose numbers to fill the boxes. Then take it in turns to roll the dice and score out numbers as they get rolled (just like bingo!). The winner is the person who has crossed out all their numbers first!
Ask your child to roll a die. Quiz them: What's double the number you rolled? What happens when you add 10? It would really help them if you wrote down the sums together as you go (e.g. 4 + 4 = 8 and 4 + 10 = 14). Take it in turns to roll the die and get them to be the Quizmaster.
Roll a die. Ask your child to make it a hundred number e.g. if it's a 5 that's 500. If they manage that okay then help them count on in tens e.g. 500, 510, 520, etc. When they're finished counting up in tens, help them count back down to the original number (that's 500 in this case).

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Handy tips


Give your child objects with numbers to play with (e.g. measuring tapes and rulers)


Let your child talk about the pictures as you are reading


Find opportunities for equal sharing (e.g. 3 grapes each)