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Made to measure

There are so many different ways you can help your child understand numbers and what they mean in their everyday activities. And while they’re counting and comparing, they’ll be busy and entertained too.

Splashing around

Keep the kids amused at bath time by giving them different sized containers to play with, and asking them which ones will hold the most water and why? Then let them have fun pouring these into a jug to see how the amounts measure up. Good clean fun.

More or less

While you're out together, you could look for opportunities to chat about different sizes with your child - such as more than, less than, bigger, smaller. Try asking them things like which building is taller? Which car is smaller? Are there more green apples or red apples on display?

Drop by drop

Why not have a go at making a rain catcher? All you need is an empty bottle, and mark a simple scale on it. Then put it outside, wait for a rainy day... and ask your child how much rain there is in the bottle. Keep checking, so they can see if there's more on one day than another.

Hang on! Try my amazing Read ideas.

Hey! There are loads of fun ways to Write too.

Handy tips

Get your child to think up a tasty feast their toys might enjoy – and then get them to write everything down in a shopping list. They could think about how many potatoes they’d need to buy? What’s for dessert?

Most kids love popping bubble wrap – and if you have lying around at home, why not have a bubble wrap race? Who can pop the most in a minute? You can count the burst bubbles together to find out.

You can play guessing games anywhere and everywhere. It’s an easy way to make a walk to school, or a car or bus journey more fun. Just think of a number between 0-30 and get your child to guess what it is. You can help them by saying ‘higher’ or ‘lower’.