Books are a great way to explain how the world works. They make it easier for children to understand more about people’s feelings and emotions.

  • Happy endings
  • Add a friend
  • Book review
Relax with a story together. When you get to the end, talk about how the story might have ended differently - What would have happened if a pink dinosaur arrived? What about if the story was set in space? Think of as many different endings together as you can.
Fill the afternoon with some stories together. Talk about the different characters as you turn each page - How are they feeling? Are they funny, scary or sensible? What colours are they wearing? When you've finished the story, encourage your child to draw a character that you could add to the story.
Sit down and read a story together. Take it in turns to read different parts - you could try reading a page each at a time. When you're finished, help your child to write a 'book review' - What did they like about the book? Who was their favourite character? And what was their favourite part of the story?

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Handy tips


Make time to snuggle up and share a story whenever you can


Give your child plenty of encouragement when they are learning new things


Tell the time together throughout the day