Learning to tell the time is a skill your child will use for life. Help them practise and get better at time-keeping with these fun games and activities.

  • What's the time Mr Wolf?
  • Stop the clock
  • Time tester
Play 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' Mr Wolf stands at one end of the room and the players at the other. Mr Wolf turns his back while the others shout 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' Mr Wolf answers with a time (e.g. 4 o'clock) and the players then take 4 steps towards him. They keep asking the question until he shouts 'Dinnertime' and tries to catch a player.
Using a clock or the timer on your mobile phone get your child to find as many green items as they can in the living room in 30 seconds. To mix it up, change the amount of time you have, the room that you're looking in and the colour you choose. Take it in turns to time each other as you move from room to room.
Chat to your child about your plan for the day. Match different times to different activities e.g. We'll go to the shops at 11 o'clock, the park at 3 o'clock and we'll start making dinner together at half past 5. You don't have to stick to the plan, but it's a good idea to encourage your child to read the time as often as you can that day.

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Handy tips


Draw your child’s attention to signs and posters when you are out and about


Talk about how long everyday events take (e.g. cooking times, journey times)


Praise and encourage your children regularly