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Try some rhyme time

Coming up with words that rhyme is a great way to keep your child entertained for hours – and it’s guaranteed to get you both giggling.

Shark in the Park

When you’re reading the story together, after each page you could ask your child to help you the rhyming words. To give them a helping hand, try pointing to the pairs of words that rhyme before you turn to the next page.

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam

While you’re reading the story together, you could pick out pairs of rhyming words as you go (e.g. 'Me' and 'tea' and 'sob' and 'Bob'). At the end of the story, for miles more smiles together, get your child to say or write down as many words they can think of that rhyme with 'cake'.


As you’re reading the story, you could help your child find pairs of rhyming words on the page (e.g. 'sun' and 'fun', and 'crunch' and 'lunch'). Then, choose a word from the book together - and encourage your child to write down all the words they can think of that rhyme with that word.

Hey! There are loads of fun ways to Write too.

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Handy tips

Try spotting shapes together – how many circles, triangles or squares can your child spot in the room. After they’ve named the shape, they could look for other items with the same shape.

Read a book together and play I-Spy with the pictures – can your child find something in the book beginning with say P? Or D? You could try lots of other letters, too.

Playing dice games with your child is a simple way you can help them with their counting.