Help your child get the most from reading. Talking about words that rhyme will help them learn about new words and sounds.

  • Shark in the Park
  • Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam
  • Gigantosaurus
Read the story with your child. After each page, ask them to help you spot the rhyming words. Point to the pairs of words that rhyme before you turn to the next page.
Read the story together and encourage your child to pick out pairs of rhyming words as you go (e.g. 'Me' and 'tea' and 'sob' and 'Bob'). When you've finished reading the story, ask your child to say or write down words that rhyme with 'cake'.
Read the story together and ask your child to find pairs of rhyming words on the page (e.g. 'sun' and 'fun', and 'crunch' and 'lunch'). Choose a word from the book together and encourage your child to write down all the words they can think of that rhyme with that word.

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Handy tips


Ask them to tell you about what they did in the morning at school


Be patient when your child is learning to read


Look for and talk about shapes and patterns indoors and outdoors