Why Read, Write, Count?

Read, Write, Count is here to make your child’s life better in every way. It has lots of simple suggestions that will help you improve your child’s skills and confidence at home and at school.

Reading, writing and counting together:


Gives your child the chance to practise skills they need now, and in later life


Turns everyday chores such as going to the shops into rewarding activities


Brings you closer together and makes your bond even stronger


Helps your child feel more confident


Makes you feel like you’re doing a great thing for your child – which you are!

What you do together now will make a difference to the rest of their life – so go for it! Try some activities, use the Read, Write, Count activity bag and make the most of every day together because after all, they’re counting on you to help them get the most out of life.

We speak Gaelic too

We can support parents with children who speak Gaelic as well as English. Take a look at our Gaelic page and useful links for more information.